plate of fruit healthy food

30 Diabetic Food Swaps to Lower Blood Sugar

Eating a diabetic food plan can be tough, especially since most people list what's off-limits. We have a list of 30 things that can cause blood sugar spikes, but we also list foods to replace it with to avoid those spikes.

conditions that can develop as you get older

20 Conditions That Can Develop as You Get Older

Getting older is tough, and the medical problems that come with it are even tougher. Here are 20 conditions to look out for.

a woman feels her psoriasis symptoms on her face and neck

Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis symptoms can vary from person to person. A doctor can easily recognize psoriasis symptoms and recommend psoriasis treatment. Once your symptoms of psoriasis are diagnosed then you should seek treatment for psoriasis.

favorite tlc stars

Here's How Much Our Favorite TLC Stars Make

From Honey Boo Boo to Kate Gosselin, the most notable reality stars undoubtedly have the fame that comes along with the big Hollywood stars, but do they also have the money?

Salaries of Your Favorite Sports TV Analysts

The Salaries of Sports TV Analysts, Ranked

Being a professional sports caster is a dream job for many, but it takes a lot of hard work to get to the top! So how much do your favorite sports TV analysts really make?

View of an expensive city

25 Most Expensive Places to Live in the U.S.

The cost of living is pretty expensive, and it's only getting higher. These are 25 cities that make a serious dent in bank accounts.

A socialite, a pantsapreneur, and a former NFL cheerleader

The 17 Most Ridiculous Job Titles on 'The Bachelor' & 'The Bachelorette'

From pantsapreneurs to dog lovers, “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” have had some pretty interesting contestants with some pretty ridiculous job titles. Whether or not these occupations are real, they sure got our attention. Here are the worst of the worst.

A man sits under fake rain from a fake rain cloud

Top 15 Depressing Jobs

Some may say it's pretty normal to hate your job, but which careers are the most depressing? We've counted down the occupations with the most stress, anxiety, responsibility, and depression. Did your job make the cut?

Fast food waitress serves food to customers

10 Struggles Only Fast Food Workers Understand

Being constantly surrounded by burgers, shakes, and every kind of fried goodness you can imagine isn’t nearly as glamorous as it sounds. If you’ve ever worked in fast food, you’ll know the amount of self-control it takes to deal with these struggles during every single shift.

ugliest building in every state

The Ugliest Building in Every State

When it comes to ugly buildings, we've got everything from the depressingly boring to the truly bonkers. 

Tourist destinations that don't exist anymore

50 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

For a time, visitors flocked to these iconic tourist spots. Whether it was because of their unique architecture, gorgeous views, or unusual offerings, tourists couldn't get enough of these destinations. However, these days, the only way to experience them for yourself is Google--they're nothing but a distant memory any more. 

simple ways to make a hotel feel like home

15 Simple Ways to Make a Hotel Feel Like Home

Here's how to create the at-home atmosphere at a hotel!

Andy Cohen Smiling

How Much Do Bravolebrities Make?

There’s no business like show business, and show business must be paying the bills for these Bravolebrities!

shark tank products

The Most Successful Shark Tank Products of All Time

Creativity is rewarded with a shrewd deal, but most of the time, the publicity of being on Shark Tank is enough to generate marketing interest.

Best movies of all time

Film Critics Say These Are the Best Movies of All Time

What makes a great film? That’s a great question that will garner 50 different answers.

Emma Watson walks the red carpet

25 Celebs Who Graduated From Ivy League Schools

While most celebs are famous for their award-winning talent and looks, these celebs have the brains to boot!

two colleges

The College Not Worth Attending in Each State, Ranked

There are a lot of options to choose from, but avoid these at all costs. They won't yield a happy college experience nor a fruitful career in most circumstances.

best colleges for finding a job

The Best College in Every State for Getting a Job

The career website Zippia recently conducted a study that looked at employment rates for students 10 years after they completed their education, and these colleges fared the best. For those looking to increase their professional value, these are the schools to keep on your radar! 

a white 2021 mazda cx-30 in a dealership showroom

The Best and Worst Subcompact SUVs of 2021

We rank 18 subcompact SUVs from best to worst by combining their ratings on driving performance, standard features, design, and value.

a red 2021 chevrolet corvette

The Best and Worst Sports & Performance Cars of 2021

We rank 17 sports & performance cars from best to worst by combining their ratings on driving performance, standard features, design, and value.

a dark gray 2019 tesla model s

The Best and Worst Hybrid & Electric Cars of 2021

We rank 18 hybrid & electric cars from best to worst by combining their ratings on driving performance, standard features, design, and value.