torn cornea

Can a Torn Cornea Cause Blindness?

Corneal abrasions, which can include a scratch, a burn, or other injury, generally heal up in just a few days. While more serious injuries can have more serious repercussions, a torn cornea causes blindness only in rare circumstances.

child with heart murmur

Heart Murmurs in Children: 5 Things to Know

If your child is experiencing a heart murmur, it's important to know what's really going on. Their murmur could be anywhere from life-threatening to not threatening at all. Here is a rundown on children with murmurs.

hyperactivity in teens

Most Common Hyperactivity Symptoms in Teens

Hyperactivity is a chronic disorder present from childhood characterized by the sense that a person is constantly on the go. Here is a look at the most common signs of hyperactivity and ADHD for teenagers.

Risk management

Steps for Developing a Risk Management Strategy for Your Business

Creating a risk management plan for your business can seem complicated and intimidating, but these are some easy steps to help you and your employees stay protected during unforeseeable incidents in the future.

Risk management

What Does Risk Management Have to Do With Insurance?

Risk management and insurance go hand in hand for companies and individuals who participate in the stock market, but how? Like any other insurance, risk management could protect against damages that occur.

Risk management

How Does Risk Analysis Work?

Financial risk analysis is necessary when you're participating in the stock market as an individual or business, but what is it and how does it work? Here is why risk assessment is essential for any investment.

Closeup of computer keyboard

Top 6 Jobs for People with Typing Skills

If you're an excellent typist, you can make money with your skills. Some jobs even allow you to work from home. If you want to use your typing skills to earn some money, here are the top 10 jobs for great typists.

medical files

Skills and Traits Required for Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding specialists are responsible for making sure patient information is properly logged for insurance purposes. This role requires a variety of specific skills and valuable personality traits.

Employees work on their typing skills

5 Essential Computer Skills You Need to Survive in the Workplace

In today’s workplace, employees are expected to have a knowledge of computers and to possess the skills to use them effectively. You don’t need to be an expert, but there are some skills you simply can’t survive without professionally.

Gorgeous fall leaves can be found from New York to Colorado.

14 Fall Foliage Destinations to See Changing Leaves

All across the country, people wait for the crisp wind of autumn because they know what follows: gorgeous foliage. These must-see destinations, however, are prime examples for this beautiful phenomenon.

A small church on the top of Mount Sinai in Egypt.

10 Spiritual Destinations in the Holy Land

In the Middle East, Biblical and historic record meld and merge in fascinating ways. Some of these sites are where we know for sure that historical events took place, but others are, however widely accepted, still just a guess.

Not everyone is a fan of the natural beauty of the US National Park System.

Bizarre One-Star Complaints of National Parks

National parks are supposed to be a celebration of this country’s diverse and gorgeous landscapes, from lush mountain forests to isolated deserts. Some people, however, go to these parks and feel so strongly disappointed that they must vocalize it.

A classic home decor trend that should make a comeback

10 Classic Home Decor Trends That Need to Make a Comeback

Many home decor trends from the ‘50s through the ‘80s are far from being missed, but there are a few that deserve to make a comeback. Here are 10 classic home decor trends we would love to see in modern homes!

A vitamin that affects your appearance

10 Vitamins That Directly Affect Your Appearance

For many people, the effects of vitamins are a mystery. Aside from the health benefits, they can keep your skin, hair, and nails youthful. We've compiled a list of 10 vitamins that directly affect your appearance!

A beauty routine that actually works

10 Beauty Routines That Pay Off in the Long Run

Beauty products these days promise results within weeks or even days, but they aren’t always the best route to go. Instead of working for instant gratification, perform these 10 beauty routines diligently!

A young college student plans out her weekly schedule

Back-to-School Planners: College Edition

It’s back-to-school season, and for college students, that means back to busy days filled with classes, study groups, extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, and attempts at being adults. Make the transition easier with one of these affordable planners.

Young student harasses her parents for money for good grades

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Pay Your Child for Good Grades

Paying children for good grades is a controversial topic that has been debated by many recently, and it’s hard to know which side to choose. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t pay your children for good grades.

Friends in college

10 Types of Friends You Should Make in College

You're going to meet a vast array of people once you head to college, but with all the different personalities around you, how are you supposed to pick your friends? To give you a head start, here are 10 types of people you should befriend.

Luxury minivan in a parking lot

Top Luxury Minivans

A minivan can provide all the luxury you would expect to find in other luxury vehicles. Here is a quick look at 6 of the best luxury minivans you can find on the market.

car insurance quotes

Car Insurance Quotes: The Best Free Websites

Getting car insurance quotes should be easy. Many sites are dedicated to providing car insurance quotes from companies in your area without you having to pay a single cent. Try out these sites to save money and time.

Man driving a new compact SUV

5 Compact SUVs That are Bigger on the Inside

Compact SUVs are an affordable option for drivers who want the benefits of a large SUV without the large cost. Here are five of the best compact SUVs that provide the roomiest cabins and pack a few bells and whistles as well.

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