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2011/10/14 | 02:21
Doctor performs stent procedure
UC San Diego Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center introduces the only Hybrid Operating Room south of Oran…
2007/05/30 | 02:55
Medical Animation - Tres3d Stent Procedure how a…
New Medical Video Game check out our demo: Medical a…
2013/08/27 | 01:14
3D Animation of Coronary Stent Procedure
This video is showing 3D Animation of Coronary Stent Procedure. A coronary stent is a tube placed i…
2011/06/14 | 01:15
3D Animation of Coronary Stent Procedure This interactive animation describes…
2009/03/10 | 01:05
Renal Stent Procedure Animation
Angioplasty is often used for opening up blood vessels narrowed by plaque build-up. A very small ba…
2008/12/03 | 02:17
New Stent Procedure Safer
Its a new cutting edge procedure that doctors say is safer than regular stenting to open clogged ne…
2008/08/10 | 01:00
Stent Procedure
A medical graphics piece that demonstrates how a stent is place inside an artery.
2010/10/05 | 03:19
Catheterization and Stent procedure at Mercy's Ok…
Catheterization and Stent with Dr. John Harvey at Mercy's Oklahoma Heart Hospital.
2009/03/02 | 00:40
Cardiology - Stent Deployment Procedure
Stent Deployment Procedure - The particular difficulty of showcasing a stent deployment on the back…
2008/10/09 | 03:16
Coronary Artery Angioplasty (PCI, Heart Stent Sur…
Animation of chronic diseases at View more AMAZING medical ani…
2013/01/01 | 01:27
Renal Stent Procedure Animation
Renal Stent Procedure Animation, Ureteral Obstruction - Retrograde insertion of Resonance stent, Me…
2011/04/02 | 01:01:54
Cartoid Stent Procedure
Video of a carotid stent procedure live panel discussion. Physicians narrated the procedure and ans…
Angioplasty and Stent Procedure
How is an angioplasty and stent procedure performed? Find out in this animation.
Stent Procedure
This animation shows about coronary stent procedure. The advent of coronary stents system has provi…
Renal Stent Procedure Animation
Renal Stent Procedure Animation
2008/11/03 | 01:30
Stent insertion
this video helps u to understand the procedure of stent insertion!!