A nice pair of knees

Life After Knee Replacement: What to Expect

If your knee has been severely damaged by arthritis or an injury and it’s causing you pain, you may need a knee replacement. Here is a look at what to expect after the procedure.

A physical therapist works with a patient

Understanding Knee Replacement Physical Therapy

In order to see optimal results with a knee replacement, a physical therapist will work with you before and after surgery. Here is an overview of what physical therapy involves.

A replaced knee

Knee Replacement Risks and Complications

When your knee has been damaged by arthritis or a severe knee injury, you may need a knee replacement. Here is a look at the risks and complications involved with knee replacement surgery.

Retirement planning is an important part of living comfortably

The First Steps Toward Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement can seem like a long way away, as well as a confusing endeavor. We've compiled some options to start you along the path for maintaining your income for well after your retirement.

A woman smiles while using her satellite internet connection in her rural home.

What Is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet is a widely-available, generally high speed, but also costly option that uses communication satellites to access the internet. For those living in rural areas, it may be the best internet provider.

A laptop, tablet, and smart phone connected to a small business wireless internet.

A Quick Guide to Wireless Internet for Small Business

These days a business won't last long without a good internet connection. Wireless internet offers many benefits for small businesses, so we've put together a guide for those considering an office wifi connection.

Four time zone clocks on a wall

10 Tips for Collaborating Across Time Zones

Thanks to today’s technology, the world has gotten smaller—much smaller. It's common for colleagues and clients to conduct business from across the globe. Here are 10 essential tips for collaborating across time zones.

10 Ways Retirees Can Make Money From Home

10 Ways Retirees Can Make Money From Home

Retiring doesn’t mean that you have to stop working! Being a retiree means you have more time than ever to find a job that keeps your brain active, gives you something fun to do, and makes you money—and the best part is that you can do all of these jobs without ever leaving the sofa.

Germs on an office phone

10 Places Germs are Hiding in the Office

The one place you should be safe from germs is your workplace, right? Sorry, but your office is a breeding ground for bacteria. Here are 10 places you are going to want to seriously disinfect.

An inspiring travel blogger over 50

Inspiring Travel Bloggers Over 50

There’s no age limit for becoming a world traveler, and perhaps one of these inspiring baby boomer bloggers will give you the push you need to get out the door. Here are our 10 picks for who you should check out!

A beach bag and flipflops on a beach.

The Ultimate Beach Bag Essentials

It’s that time of year again! The sun is out, and people are seeking fun and relaxation at the beach. Before you head to the water, don't forget these items that will ensure that your day is both safe and enjoyable.

Planning a family vacation does not have to be a stressful endeavor.

6 Keys to a Successful Family Vacation

You've decided to embark on a family vacation. Consider yourself the project manager, and start planning well in advance. You can combat the last minute stress of trying to please every member of the family.

An actress who is secretly a diva

10 Lovable Actresses Who Are Secretly Divas

You’d be surprised to learn that some of Hollywood’s most lovable ladies are actually divas in real life. Here are 10 actresses who are known for their ridiculous demands and unprofessional behavior behind the scenes!

A classic home decor trend that should make a comeback

10 Classic Home Decor Trends That Need to Make a Comeback

Many home decor trends from the ‘50s through the ‘80s are far from being missed, but there are a few that deserve to make a comeback. Here are 10 classic home decor trends we would love to see in modern homes!

coconut oil being heated in a warm skillet

5 Ways Coconut Oil Helps Weight Loss

Coconut oil is amazing for your skin and hair, but the benefits don’t end there. One of the best uses of this magical cure-all is for weight loss. Learn about how you can incorporate coconut oil into your diet for weight management.

Theater girl learns about her fate

What Does Your College Major Say About You?

Astrology may be a hoax when it comes to telling you about your personality and your future, but a better indicator is your college major. Here are 10 popular college majors and what they say about you.

10 Things We All (Regrettably) Wore to School in the Early 2000s

The early 2000s was definitely not one of the grand ages of fashion. Here are 10 of the most cringe-worthy fashion choices that you thought were oh-so chic about 10 years ago.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

10 Books We're 100% Cool With Schools Banning

Some banned books, like "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "The Bluest Eye," are classics that everyone should read - but there are a few other books we would be totally okay with schools banning (because they never should've been published in the first place)

bmw insurance

How Much Does Insurance Cost for a BMW?

If you’re looking to purchase a new BMW, you should consider the cost of insuring it. For some models, the insurance may be a deal breaker. Before you get your heart set on a 528i, here are the average prices for insurance your luxury vehicle.

best midsize compact trucks

Top 5 Midsize/Compact Trucks

If you’re looking for a new truck, but you want something that is made to do the job efficiently, a midsize/compact truck may be for you. Instead of purchasing any vehicle on the market, here are the best five trucks of this year.

chevy silverado

2016 Chevy Silverado Comparison: 1500 vs. 2500 vs. 3500

Purchasing a new truck can be difficult with so many different models on the market. Here is a comparison of each of the 2016 Chevy Silverado models to help you decide which would be the best choice for your workload.

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