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2007/07/29 | 00:16
Bacteria Growth
Bacteria Growth
2012/01/25 | 02:18
Bacteria Growth
Learn how bacteria cells grow and divide at an exponetial rate. Also, pathogens are harmful and can…
2010/11/07 | 01:08
WCYDWT: Bacteria
Base video used with due credit given to dizzo95 for: WCYD…
2012/10/04 | 00:33
Bacterial Growth time lapse
3 types of bacteria grown on nutrient agar - e.coli, m.luteus and s.albus Photos taken at 10 minute…
Rapid Bacterial Growth
Dr. Brett Finlay shows how bacteria can grow rapidly to incredible numbers, and also explains what…
2011/09/22 | 05:48
Microbial Growth - Part 2
Link to Self-Check Questions:
2011/04/14 | 00:37
Bacterial Growth
E. Coli cells dividing it up. - created at
2013/02/16 | 00:30
Bacteria Growth Time Lapse
The petri base is divided into thirds: The top bacteria is a sample grown from a restaurant's kitch…
2010/09/30 | 00:58
Bacteria: Growth Phases of a Bacillus Subtilis Ba…
Bacterial colonies progress through four phases of growth: the lag phase, the log phase, the statio…
2007/08/01 | 00:08
Bacteria growth
Bacteria growth
2014/01/16 | 03:44
Binary Fission and Bacterial Growth
Biology Professor discusses the four phases of bacterial growth: Lag Phase, Log (or Exponential Gro…
2012/10/31 | 05:40
Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA) Bacterial Growth Medium…
Microbiology lab tutorial on Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA) specialized bacterial growth medium. Examples…
11. Bacterial Growth and its Measurement
Izzy and Sally help Dude keep up with the cells growing in the lab. This video looks at the stages…
2011/11/30 | 02:47
control of bacterial growth.mp4
This video will demonstrate the technique used in Lab 4, Control of Bacterial Growth.
2013/02/25 | 10:42
Microbiology - Bacteria Growth, Reproduction, Cla… Support me: Instagram: ht…
2012/11/26 | 13:01
Growth and Reproduction in Bacteria
This video introduces us to cell growth and reproduction in Bacteria. This is a product of Mexus Ed…