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2010/08/21 | 00:15
Bacterial Growth
Bakterilerin büyümesi
2007/07/29 | 00:16
Bacteria Growth
Bacteria Growth
2010/11/07 | 01:08
WCYDWT: Bacteria
Base video used with due credit given to dizzo95 for: WCYD…
2012/01/25 | 02:18
Bacteria Growth
Learn how bacteria cells grow and divide at an exponetial rate. Also, pathogens are harmful and can…
2013/02/25 | 10:42
Microbiology - Bacteria Growth, Reproduction, Cla…
2012/04/19 | 03:59
GCSE Science Revision - Bacterial Growth on Hands
In this short video, the presenter demonstrates how many bacteria are growing on your hands and how…
2012/10/05 | 00:33
Bacterial Growth time lapse
3 types of bacteria grown on nutrient agar - e.coli, m.luteus and s.albus Photos taken at 10 minute…
2014/01/16 | 03:44
Binary Fission and Bacterial Growth
Biology Professor discusses the four phases of bacterial growth: Lag Phase, Log (or Exponential Gro…
Rapid Bacterial Growth
Dr. Brett Finlay shows how bacteria can grow rapidly to incredible numbers, and also explains what…
2012/01/02 | 07:03
Bacteria Growth curve
Four distinct phases to the bacteria growth curve. Lag phase, Log phase, stationary phase, and deat…
2012/05/27 | 00:40
2013/03/13 | 01:05
Bacterial Growth
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( A photo taken tw…
2012/05/04 | 00:09
Bacterial growth under the microscope, Rate My Sc… Bacterial growth is the division of one bacterium into two daughter cells…
2011/04/15 | 00:37
Bacterial Growth
E. Coli cells dividing it up. - created at
2007/08/01 | 00:08
Bacteria growth
Bacteria growth
2009/01/13 | 01:57
Effects of UV Light on Bacterial Growth
Effects of UV Light on Bacterial Growth